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One-time passwords

Why should I use this?

One-time passwords, also known as TOTP, are used by GameXP to provide two-step authorization when someone tries to interact with your account to guarantee its security.

How do I start using it?

The simplest way is to install an app that will generate TOTP on your mobile device. The links to the app can be found on the TOTP activation page, but you may use any program that supports TOTP.

After you activate TOTP you will be show a QR code containing a secret key. Make sure you are the only person who sees it. Scanning the QR code with the app will allow it to start generating one-time passwords. Enter the one-time password under the QR code on the activation page to complete the process.

Not all apps offer backup keys, so uninstalling the app or changing the phone may leave you without access to your account. To avoid this, you may create a list of one-time backup passwords that can be used to log in and print it out or store in your password manager.

After you enable TOTP you will be asked to provide the one-time password in addition to your login and traditional password the next time you log in. Open the app on your mobile device and enter the one-time password currently shown on the screen.