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Safety tips

Never tell your login, password and the e-mail address associated with your account to anyone! Sharing this information may help malicious people steal your account.

Never disclose any information associated with your account. This may lead to theft of in-game items or complete loss of your account, and we cannot guarantee we'll be able to retreive it! Make sure to secure your account properly.

CAREFULLY check the address of the site that asks you to enter your login and password!

Be very careful when entering your login and password. Some Internet sites were created by malicious people to mimic the official GameXP site in order to steal your login and password. Always check the site address in the browser address bar before entering your credentials! If you realize you have entered your login and password at a fake site, immediately change your password and the security questions you chose when registering your account.

Never download any programs that offer you free or cheaper GXP.

Such programs are created exclusively to steal your account information. Never download or install such programs! This may crash your computer or lead to loss of important information.

GameXP administration will NEVER ask you for your e-mail or password!

Do not trust people who ask you to give away your e-mail or password pretending to be a GameXP employee.

Remember that protecting your computer and account is very important!

Never open files or e-mail attachments from people you do not know.

These files may contain mailicious programs that will steal your login and password. Always use a virus scanner to check the e-mail attechments from people you do know.

Use a unique password for your GameXP account.

Many people like to use the same password for different sites, and the malicious people are well aware of that. The owners of different sites may attempt to use the login and password you used to access your GameXP account. Use a unique password for GameXP, i. e. a password that is not used anywhere else.

Use virus scanner to check files you download from the Internet.

Malicious people may use software that records logins and passwords. Many such programs can be detected by virus scanners.

Use passwords that are difficult to guess.

Don't use your login, e-mail address, date of birth, name, family name or other personal information that can be obtained by people in-game or found in forums or social networks. The longer your password, the more difficult it is to guess. We advise you to use a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and special symbols. Account passwords and e-mail passwords should be changed regularly.

Please note that all user passwords in our company are hashed. This means they cannot be read by anyone, including the company employees. This prevents the possibility of passing them over to anyone else.

The administration cannot recover your stolen in-game items.